Goin’ South

Had enough of these northern winters
Wild wind whipping across my frozen lake
You got this heart of mine’s all cracked and splintered
How much bullshit can one man take?

I’m goin’ south through the Pennsylvania coal fields,
Going south so I can feel free.
Driving on down through the Blue Ridge Mountains
To the red clay hills of Tennessee.

In the clubs of downtown Nashville
Harmonica’s wailing like a midnight train.
Guitar pickers with their fingers on fire
Hank’s ghost pressing at the windowpane.

I’m goin’ south to the Mississippi River
Down to Memphis so I can feel free.
Elvis rising like a young colossus,
Martin Luther King out on his balcony.

Beale Street’s flowing wide as Old Man River
B.B. King’s playing with his usual sass.
A raw sound’s busting out of Sun Records studio
Jerry Lee, Orbison and Johnny Cash.

I’m goin’ south into Cajun country,
Steam whistle wailing on a Mississippi queen,
Fiddles playing in a bayou cabin,
I’m a-rolling on down to New Orleans.

I’ll eat a big plate of jambalaya,
Satchmo’s blowing down on Bourbon Street.
The girls get frisky on the moonshine whiskey
And they’ll show you their rubies for a string of beads.

I’m goin’ south into Austin, Texas,
Long-legged cowgirls walking ‘round in boots.
Strip off my clothes at Hippy Hollow
Laugh at them humps in their business suits.

I tried to forget you cold Northern women,
Every lover claimed she would do her part.
You were no different so I’m down in Dixie
Let this sweet southern music heal my broken heart.

I’m gonna dance to some boot-stomping music,
Hole up for awhile in a mountain shack
Look down the valley and get my bearings
Better burn my belongings, I ain’t coming back
Burn everything I own, I ain’t coming back.

© and Ⓟ 2016 Diamonds Big as Radishes, LLC. All rights reserved.