American History

Hamilton’s Choice

Why did Hamilton meet Burr in a fatal duel? He’d just thwarted Burr’s election as New York governor, and he was back at the helm of the Federalist Party, yet he responded to Burr’s taunt over a vague insult. Hamilton’s Choice delves beneath the usual historical explanations to reveal a deep, psychological and very personal reason that sent Hamilton, heedless of danger to himself and his family, to face death on the field of honor.

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American History – Romance

Into the Heartland

American’s first major public work, the Erie Canal, opens a vast heartland to settlement and commerce. An eastern heiress and a Great Lakes ship captain find true love as they work to realize DeWitt Clinton’s dream of a 350-mile waterway joining Lake Erie to the Hudson River.

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Native American Saint – Biographical Novel

Kateri: A Beacon in the Wilderness

A scarred, crippled Mohawk virgin transcends the brutality of her culture, and embraces Catholicism with such fervor that the Vatican canonizes her three centuries later as the first Native American saint.

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American Irish History – True Story

The Trial of Bat Shea

An anti-Irish hate group infiltrates the criminal justice system to railroad a young Irish thug to the electric chair after an election day murder. This true story, based on a sensational 1894 murder trial, is told as a novel, a screenplay and stage play with 12 dramatic songs.

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