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A vision of old San Juan enhanced by violins, violas and cello.

Land Of Hate

"LAND OF HATE" – A Jack Casey song about America’s current turmoil

Goin' South

“How much bullshit can one man take?”

Graceland (Nothing Free At)

The costs of fame - a moving tribute

When You're Gone

The stark reality of love’s pain and joy

Really Elvis!

A woman’s surprise fling with the man of her dreams

Keep On Looking

Three friends find nothing but laughs on their night out.

How Jack came up with the songs:

Graceland (Nothing Free At)

Really Elvis!

Goin' South

When You're Gone

Jack writes songs in many genres and styles – his songs can be hits for a performer you know.


Sound Files

Rocky Mountains


Music and lyrics by Jack Casey
“Land of Hate” & “Keep on Looking” lyrics by Jack Casey and Victoria Wright
Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica – Jack Casey
Vocal on “Really Elvis!” — Nikki Nelson
Vocal on “Graceland (Nothing Free at)” — Jason Damico
Lead Vocals on “Land of Hate” – Keaton Lusk
Vocals on “Keep on Looking”—Sarah Dooley, Carly Blaine, Emily Kaplan

Music and production for “Goin’ South” “Graceland” “Really Elvis!” “When You’re Gone” “Drink One Pretty” and “Keep On Looking”:
Electric guitars, bass – Joe Mele
Keyboards, bass, drums, percussion – Tony Perrino
Saxophone and horns — Rick Rourke
Standup Bass (on Really Elvis!) – Mike Jenkins
Second guitar on “When You’re Gone” – Tim Greenwood
Recorded at Tonyshouse Recording Studio, Greenfield Center, New York. Producer and Engineer, Tony Perrino.
Mastered and synchronized at Dubway, New York City by Michael Judeh.
“Keep on Looking” vocals recorded at Dubway Studios, Adrian Thorstensen Engineer.
Credits for “Land of Hate”:
Recorded at Living Arts College B2R Studio, Raleigh, NC
Craig Brandwynne Producer, Nicholas Bagwell Engineer.
Lead Vocals—Keaton Lusk
Rap and backup vocal—Michael D’Anthony Hill
Bass and backup vocal—Jean Pierre Maldonado.

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