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JACK CASEY is an author, songwriter, screenwriter and humorist who draws from his careers in politics and law, and from history, to tell stories about people caught in conflict.

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Oldest son of an Irish family in Troy, NY, Jack attends Catholic schools and comes of age under the iron rule of his father, then District Attorney, and his mother, a former nurse.


Valedictorian and Colonel of LaSalle Institute’s military brigade, Jack leaves Troy for Yale University. Jack has a high draft number but sees many friends leave for Vietnam.


Jack’s dream of a retreat into genteel academia at all-male Yale is shattered by the chaos of Black Panther trial and the May Day demonstration that close the university.


After graduation, Jack teaches at a prestigious New England boarding school, then opts to paint houses in Laguna Beach, followed by a numbingly cold stint at University of Edinburgh. A summer hitchhike with hippies and musicians ends when he finds himself in the middle of a civil war in Crete.

1974 - 1988

Back in Troy, Jack works as a reporter for the local newspaper and writes historical novels about upstate New York (The Trial of Bat Shea, Lily of the Mohawks and A Land Beyond the River).

1979 - 1987

Jack marries and enters politics as spin doctor for a petty tyrant who keeps Machiavelli in his desk drawer. Caught in a political crossfire, Jack quits to attend law school. In the next three years he fathers two children, publishes two books, attains sobriety and earns a JD with honors.

1988 - 1997

Jack works as a judicial clerk, practices with a firm, then opens his own law practice while serving as counsel to the New York State Legislature where he reviews and drafts criminal legislation.

1994 - 2010

When his marriage suddenly ends, Jack works three jobs to assure his children suffer no diminution in lifestyle. He lives in rental and borrowed housing until he can buy a rural lake cottage. Becoming more deeply involved in politics, Jack chairs his county GOP committee for seven election cycles.

1997 - 2012

Jack is parliamentarian of the New York State senate for fourteen years while he continues a full service law practice to send his children to NYU and McGill Universities. Turning 60, he retires from politics to devote more time to writing and practicing law. When his satire A Parliament of Fowls appears in 2012, he’s fired from the Senate.

2012 - present

Reissuing his old work in digital form, Jack also rewrites Lily of the Mohawks for the 2012 canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha. He begins recording his original songs and shopping his screenplays. Jack meets the woman of his dreams on an elevator in Manhattan and they’re now working full time to market his creative work.

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