• Jack Casey: Author, Playwright, Songwriter

    JACK CASEY (1950—) writes novels about his native upstate New York. His books include A PARLIAMENT OF FOWLS (StoneGate, Ink., 2012), KATERI — LILY OF THE MOHAWKS (Staff Picks Press, 2012; Bantam, 1984), A LAND BEYOND THE RIVER (Bantam, 1988; Diamond Rock, 2005) and THE TRIAL OF BAT SHEA (Diamond Rock, 1994, 2011). He has …

  • Kateri — Lily of the Mohawks

    A novel about the first Native American Catholic saint

  • A Parliament of Fowls

    A PARLIAMENT OF FOWLS is a hilarious send-up of the bloodless 2009 “coup” in the New York State Senate written by an insider, Parliamentarian Jack Casey, who names his fictional senators after the birds they resemble. Christopher Sparrow lost the job he loved — a great gig for an attorney/political junky, and not a bad …

  • The Trial of Bat Shea

    TROY, N.Y., 1894—Boss Edward Murphy, a United States Senator, rules this upstate mill city from his brewery. Thugs and repeaters emerge from ward saloons on election day to stuff ballot boxes and keep Murphy’s men in office. When a posse of vigilantes turns out to stop the voting fraud, a young industrialist is gunned down. …


    Who really wrote ’Twas the Night Before Christmas? A courtroom holiday whodunit staring Jack Casey & E. Stewart Jones Jr. Created by Duncan Crary.